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Best Intel N100 Mini PC: Compact Size, Big Performance

Best Intel N100 Mini PC

In the world of computing, size indeed does not dictate power. Introducing our beloved Intel N100 Mini PC, the mighty mouse of the tech world. Despite its compact size, measuring just 127Lx127Wx45.6Hmm, it brings big performance. It’s perfect for less conventional environments like RVs or trucks, thanks to its wall-mountable feature built to withstand extreme temperatures and vibrations. Under the hood, it’s powered by nothing less than the latest 12th Gen Intel Alder Lake N100 Processor and can support up to three 4K UHD displays with Wi-Fi6+Bluetooth5.2. Storage is a no-brainer, too, with options for M.2 2280 SATA/4G and SATA (FPC). And let’s not forget its seamless connectivity via high-speed Ethernet and a diverse range of I/O Ports. Boasting a plethora of standout features, the NX-N100 Mini PC redefines what it means to be both compact and powerful.

Best Intel N100 Mini PC
Maxtang MTN-ALN50 Mini PC with Intel® Alder Lake N100/N305

Overview: The Best Intel N100 Mini PC – Compact Size, Big Performance

Maxtang’s NX-N100 Mini PC is a classic example of big performance in small packages; it easily lives up to this name. The size of the latest Mini PC from Maxtang – simply measures 127Lx127Wx45.6Hmm, but at least its power, features and future-proof technology are competitive with those of many full-sized or traditional personal computers. Its small size and wall-mountable feature make it suitable for all places that include home offices, RVs or trucks.

With Intel’s latest N100 processor on board, this mini PC offers seamless multitasking and efficient performance for everyday computing needs. It has a strong build quality and advanced thermal design that ensures quiet operation and long lifespan. Including multiple connectivity options such as USB-C, HDMI, Ethernet ports etc., makes it versatile to be used in different ways ranging from entertainment to productivity.

Let us dig further into what makes the Maxtang Intel N100 Mini PC a must-have; from its impressive specifications to how practical it can be across different settings.

High-End Computing Power of the Maxtang Intel N100 Mini PC

Its diminutive appearance notwithstanding; this miniature PC is just as powerful. It operates on the latest, resilient and more robust 12th Gen Intel Alder Lake N100 Processor. This will ensure seamless multitasking and smooth performance even for your daily computing process of yours. What does it imply? Therefore, you can be able to edit the documents swiftly, browse smoothly and play games with ease.


The NX-N100 Mini PC boasts of superior connectivity with Wi-Fi6+Bluetooth5.2, ensuring you are connected to high-speed internet at all times. This gives us the convenience of wireless connectivity for browsing the web, streaming online content, transferring files, and much more.

Moreover, it supports 4K UHD displays and accommodates up to three screens, making it ideal for users seeking a multi-monitor setup for improved productivity or immersive gaming.

Impressive Storage & Multiple Ports

This mini PC is a storage powerhouse. It includes 1x M.2 2280 SATA/4G and 1xSATA (FPC) storage, capable of storing a large number of files, multimedia, applications, and games. The device supports up to 32GB of Single Channel SO-DIMM DDR4 RAM, perfect for all our multitasking needs.

To ensure optimal connectivity, the NX-N100 Mini PC is equipped with 2x LAN, 3xUSB3.2, 1xUSB2.0, USB-C, SIM, and COM Optional I/O Ports. These ports offer a hassle-free connection to various peripherals like keyboards, mice, printers, hard drives, or smartphones.

Designed For Every Environment

Don’t be fooled by its compact size. The NX-N100 is built to endure extreme temperatures and vibrations. This makes it perfect for use in different environments, from home offices to RVs to trucks. It operates in temperatures ranging from -20°C to 60°C, ensuring reliable performance in virtually any environment.

NX-N100 Mini PC Specifications

Processor12th Gen Intel Alder Lake N100
Wireless ConnectivityWifi6+Bluetooth5.2
DisplaysSupports 4K UHD displays on up to three screens
Storage options1x M.2 2280 SATA/4G; 1xSATA (FPC)
RAM supportUp to 32GB Single Channel SO-DIMM DDR4
Ports2x LAN, 3xUSB3.2, 1xUSB2.0, USB-C, SIM, COM Optional I/O

Extra Features

A standout feature of the Maxtang Intel NX-N100 Mini PC is its passive cooling system. This means it operates quietly, preventing any interruption from fan noise during your work or gaming sessions. This silent operation is particularly beneficial for environments where noise can be a distraction, such as during conference calls, recording sessions, or even while enjoying media entertainment.

Also included is a convenient Ctrl 2-in-1 Audio Jack for your headphones and microphone. This versatile audio port simplifies the setup process, whether you’re joining virtual meetings, enjoying multimedia content, or engaging in immersive gaming experiences. The inclusion of high-quality audio support ensures clear, crisp sound and efficient communication.

Another impressive factor is the device’s compatibility. It is compatible with Windows 10/11 and Linux 64-bit, giving us the flexibility to choose our preferred operating system. This cross-platform compatibility allows users to leverage the best of both worlds, whether it’s the user-friendly interface of Windows or the robust and customizable environment of Linux. Furthermore, the NX-N100 Mini PC supports a variety of Linux distributions, catering to developers and tech enthusiasts who require a reliable and adaptable machine for their specific needs.

Additionally, the NX-N100 Mini PC is designed with future-proofing in mind. Its expandable storage and RAM options ensure that you can upgrade your system as your computing needs grow. The multiple USB ports, including USB-C, provide ample connectivity for peripherals, external storage devices, and other accessories, enhancing the overall functionality of this compact powerhouse.

With its blend of advanced features and thoughtful design, the NX-N100 Mini PC stands out as a versatile and high-performance solution for various computing needs, making it a worthy investment for both personal and professional use.

Value for Money

So, we will deal with the worthiness of it at last. This offers a great value for money in terms of prices as low as $135.00 and as high as $263.00 (DDR4 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD). This pricing flexibility allows users to tailor-make their mini PCs based on their income levels and performance requirements so that they only spend on what they really need.

However, the base model is priced at $135.00, therefore suitable for those who already have compatible RAM and storage devices or who would rather purchase them individually. It delivers amazing performance and small size like other models.

The fully-equipped version is available for $263.00 which stands for excellent value among its peers notwithstanding a “ready-to-use” message it shows to users by its DDR4 RAM16 GBs and 1 Tera Byte Solid State Drive which can withstand heavy application usage, multitasking, plus massive file processing over prolonged periods. So this ultimate variant ensures prudent operation along with fast access to data making it perfect for professionals and gamers or content generators respectively.

The NX-N100 Mini PC’s real value lies in the hardware specifications as well as extendibility beyond measure within this context. That implies that users can simply increase system performance whenever needed using these upgradable features represented by such a device.

What Customers Are Saying About Maxtang’s Intel N100 Mini PC



Affordable and Capable Little Machine

“I’ve been using the Maxtang NX-100 for around 3 months, running Windows 11 Pro and connected to a music controller keyboard to act as a VST instrument synth. I have been very happy with the performance and reliability. Being completely silent, it has no impact on my recording environment and the Intel N-100 has ample performance for running multiple instances of high-end VSTs such as Native Instruments Kontakt and Arturia Pigments. Connectivity is great for a mini-PC, the USB-C port can directly power a Native Instruments S88 Mk3 keyboard with no problem and the rest of the I/O is more than I need for this application.

The unit is really solid, well designed, and a very affordable alternative to a laptop in this situation, especially if you intend to run it as a headless device like I am. My use case is probably quite unusual, but I think these little passively cooled machines can fit in and solve all sorts of needs. I honestly forget it’s even there, silently doing its job.”


Jonatan Schulz

Great PC

“It’s a great PC, but not the fastest, and it’s not an easy task to get all drivers working. That it’s fanless is the best part of it. Absolutely silent. You need to get your own OS (for example, Windows 11). But for that price, it’s okay.

I paid 160€ for the 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD version. Now the price is higher… import taxes are not included, and that bill will come separately, and you have to pay for that as well. The PC was shipped with FedEx to me. Overall, it was a good buy for me. I recommend buying here. You will not get a better price per performance elsewhere.”


1. What is the Maxtang N100 Mini PC?

The Maxtang N100 Mini PC is a compact computing device powered by the Intel N100 processor. It is designed to offer high performance in a small form factor, making it suitable for various applications, from home entertainment to office productivity.

2. Is a mini PC as good as a normal PC?

Mini PCs like the Maxtang N100 can perform as well as traditional PCs for many tasks such as web browsing, office work, and media playback. They may not match the performance of high-end desktops for resource-intensive applications like advanced gaming or 3D rendering.

3. How good is the Intel N100 in the Maxtang Mini PC?

The Intel N100 processor in the Maxtang Mini PC is a quad-core CPU with a base frequency of 1.0 GHz and a turbo frequency up to 3.4 GHz. It delivers efficient performance for everyday tasks, multitasking, and multimedia consumption, making it an excellent choice for compact computing needs.

4. What are mini PCs used for?

Mini PCs, including the Maxtang N100, are versatile devices used for a range of applications such as home entertainment centers, office workstations, digital signage, media servers, and educational purposes. Their compact size makes them ideal for space-constrained environments.

5. How fast is the Intel Celeron N100 processor in the Maxtang Mini PC?

The Intel Celeron N100 processor in the Maxtang Mini PC operates at a base frequency of 1.0 GHz, with a maximum turbo frequency of 3.4 GHz. This allows for smooth performance in everyday computing tasks, web browsing, and running multiple applications simultaneously.

6. How old is the Intel N100 processor in the Maxtang Mini PC?

The Intel N100 processor, part of the 12th generation Alder Lake-N series, was launched in late 2021. It features advanced technology and energy efficiency suitable for modern mini PCs like the Maxtang N100.

7. What are the disadvantages of a mini PC?

Disadvantages of mini PCs include limited upgrade options compared to full-sized desktops, fewer ports, and potentially lower performance for high-end tasks. However, the Maxtang N100 mitigates many of these issues with its robust connectivity and efficient design.

8. Do mini PCs have WiFi?

Yes, the Maxtang N100 Mini PC comes with built-in WiFi capabilities, often supporting the latest standards such as WiFi 6, ensuring fast and reliable wireless connectivity for various online activities.

9. Can you connect a mini PC to a TV?

Yes, you can connect the Maxtang N100 Mini PC to a TV using HDMI or other video output ports. This makes it suitable for use as a media center, allowing you to stream content directly to your television.

10. How long do mini PCs last?

Mini PCs like the Maxtang Intel N100 Mini PC can last several years with proper care. Their longevity depends on usage patterns and maintenance. Generally, they can provide reliable performance for 5-7 years or more.

11. Can you connect a mini PC to a phone?

While you cannot directly connect a mini PC to a phone for use as a display, you can use various apps and software to share screens, transfer files, or control the mini PC remotely from your smartphone.

12. Can I connect a mini PC to a laptop?

Yes, you can connect the Maxtang N100 Mini PC to a laptop using remote desktop software or network connections to share files and resources. However, using the laptop’s display directly as a monitor for the mini PC requires specialized software solutions.


Overall, you will love the Maxtang Intel N100 Mini PC. Its compact size, powerful performance, vast storage, and impressive connectivity features set a new standard for what one can expect from a mini PC. Its endurance in extreme temperatures and vibrations adds another level of versatility, making it suitable for any environment.

Whether you’re planning to use it for work, gaming, or entertainment, the NX-N100 won’t disappoint. From its unique 2-in-1 Audio Jack to its silent operation and extensive I/O options, this device provides the perfect blend of performance and convenience.

In conclusion, if you’re considering getting a mini PC that offers great value for money, the Maxtang NX-N100 Mini PC could be a perfect choice! Invest in one today, and enjoy the perks of big performance in a compact size.

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