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Maxtang Mini Desktop PC Accessories


Maximize Your Computing with the Maxtang Mini PCs Complete Kit!

🎁 Free Accessories: Includes a hard drive bracket, screws, HDMI® cable, adapter + power cable, back mounting bracket, and SATA cable.  (Note: Some PCs may not include a hard drive bracket.)

Paid accessories: Wifi module

Operating System: Win10 or Win11 Pro

🎁 Special Gift: Maxtang® Mouse Pad(Optional)

*** Friendly Reminder:
Exclusive Offerings: These accessories, provided as customer benefits or gifts, are excluded from discount coupon use and free shipping promotions.
Bundled Sales Only:  Available only with a computer or motherboard purchase.

Maxtang Mini PC’s RAM and SSD


Offering Memory and Storage products from three major brands: Wodposit, Crucial, and Kingston. Please note that product selection will be random, and we do not accept specific brand requests for shipments.

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