About Maxtang

Maxtang Technology Limited specializes in providing services to retail customers in the global overseas market.

Maxtang® offers Mini PCs, office and gaming mini desktop computers, and DIY motherboards designed for computer enthusiasts. Additionally, our embedded motherboards cater to a diverse range of customers, including server companies, industrial users, and music producers.

Maxtang office
Maxtang _Intel loT Industrial Specialist


Now Maxtang is the member of lntel @ loT Solutions Alliance-one of the world’s most recognized and trusted technology ecosystems that provide scalable, interoperable solutions thataccelerate deployment of intelligent devices and end-to-end analytics. Members of the lnteloT Alliance are known for creating leading-edge loT solutions, and helping organizationsbring products to market faster than ever before. We are looking forward to collaborating with fellow member companies and realizing the immense potential of the Internet of Things.


Maxtang had established a long-term strategic cooperation relation-ship with AMD. Products with AMD processors and Vega graphicsare great for personal and commercial uses, such as gaming, digitalsignage, industrial automation.

Why Choose Us

Strict quality control

100% optical inspection with high-end SPI+AOI measurement equipment, 100% process monitoring for quality of workmanship. HanZhong’s quality management system certification ensures PDCA improvement through multiple high-standard international quality certification systems.

Engineering Technology

Senior engineers assist customers in analyzing PCB design and prototyping. According to the test plan, they can efficiently analyze all causes and effects of the product. Senior engineers plan and implement process quality procedures.

Quality-process Materials

We choose ALPHA brand for lead-free solder paste. We carefully select Yunxi’s high-purity lead-free solder rods and wires. We are firmly committed not to use secondary processed materials. The quality is trustworthy.

Professional Quality Team

We have a high-quality, experienced and refined team, with over 50% of our staff having a college degree or above. The ability to execute is the quality of a professional team. We are a team that constantly strives for progress, continuous self-learning and improvement.

Perfect Service System

We commit to delivering on time, with quality, and in the promised quantity. We uphold a customer-first service philosophy. We provide a strong after-sales service and value-added, end-to-end solution services.

Material Quality Control

Quality inspection before goods enter the warehouse. Quality confirmation when goods leave the warehouse. Quality re-inspection before production. Quality detection during production.Quality analysis and confirmation after production.

Milestones of Maxtang

Maxtang® Founded

  • 2012-2013
  • Jun 2012, Founded Maxtang Hong Kong 
  • Aug 2012, Launched its first fanless industrial PC.
  • Jan 2013, Launched the 3rd Gen Core-based products.
  • Oct 2013, Launched the Ivy Bridge based products

Advancements and Recognitions

  • 2014-2015
  • May 2014, Launched the Bay Trail-based products
  • Aug 2014, Launched the H81 platform-based products.
  • Sept 2014, Launched the Haswell-based products.
  • Feb 2015, Launched the Broadwell/Braswell based products.
  • Mar 2015, Won the “2014 Digital Signage Player Brand Award”.
  • Oct 2015, Won the “Intel Innovative Technology ” Award.

Leading the Technological Revolution

  • 2016-2017
  • Dec 2016, Launched the Skylake based products.
  • Mar 2017, Launched the Kabylake-based products.
  • Sept 2017, Launched the first AI industrial camera with Intel.
  • Nov 2017, Passed the certification of ISO9001.

Venturing Forward

  • 2018-2019
  • Mar 2018, Entered the industrial control industry.
  • May 2018, Made significant progress in cloud computing and education area.
  • Jan 2019, Launched the Apollo Lake-based mini pc.
  • Apr 2019, Partnership with SANTSU SANGYO CO., Ltd.
  • May 2019, Announced its future development strategy planning on its tenth anniversary.
  • May 2019, Launched its first PoE product.
  • Oct 2019, Launched the 8th Gen Core based products.

Expanding Horizons

  • 2020
  • Apr 2020, Partnership with “OITECH” for expanding business in the industrial computer field.

Pushing the Boundaries

  • 2021-2022
  • Apr 2021 Launched the 11th Gen Tiger Lake-based products.
  • Sep 2021 Launched the Jasper Lake-based products.
  • Dec 2021 Launched the Gemini Lake-based ultra-compact mini pc.
  • Feb 2022 Launched the Elkhart Lake-based products.
  • Jun 2022 Launched the Alder Lake-based product.
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Discover Our Company and Factory

Here we present a collection of photos from our company and factory. These images showcase our working environment, equipment, and the day-to-day operations of our team. It’s a perfect window for you to understand the strength and work style of our enterprise